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A.V: Yes, another Pokémon character.  I get bored, okay?
I do NOT own Pokémon, I DO own Krys... at least this version of her.
Section 1: The Basics

1a. What is your character's full name?
Krystal “Krys” Gold Elm

1b. Was it their parents that named them that? If not, who?
her uncle, Professor Elm, named her that

1c.Is there a special meaning behind the name?
not really :P

2a. How old are they now?

2b.Where were they born?
New Bark Town

3a. What's their race? Human, vampire, furry? Hybrid of some sort?

4a. Where do they stand on the social pyramid? (e.i.: Royalty, middle class, living in poverty, etc.)
Professors niece, they aren’t rich, but they aren’t poor... middle class, I guess?

Section 2: Lifestyle

1a. Do they have a/n job/occupation? What is it?
she used to help her Uncle with his work, but she got tired of it and went on an adventure of her own

1b. What job would they rather have?

4a. Are they apart of any organizations?

5a. What do they do in their free time?
train her Pokémon, goof off, sleep

Section 3: Psychology

1a. Describe their basic personality.
She’s a dreamer. Smart and a little sarcastic, she tends to have her head stuck in the clouds. She loves things like writing or art, creating things from her own mind and bringing them to life. She forgives people a little too easily, but she can also hold a grudge longer than anyone. Although she’s like that, she’s also very confident.  She’s not one turn back down, and you’d have to kill her before she gave up on something.  She can be hyper, and she does plot a lot.  No one knows what to expect from her, and that’s  how she likes it.

2a. What part of their personality really stands out? If any part?
Her dedication

3a. How do they view life? Are they an optimist? Pessimist? Realist? Idealist?

4a. When it comes to making a tough decision, do they rely on thought or feeling? Faith or fact?
she relies on feeling and the faith she has in whatever is going on

5a. Do they have a sense of humor?
oh yeah, big one

6a. What motivates them to keep moving?
her friends

7a. What do they desire from life?
to prove herself

8a. What are they afraid of?
The ocean, Tentacruel, Tentacool, a lot of water type Pokémon, not all of them, just most of them.

9a. What secrets do they keep, if any?
her Uncle really didn’t GIVE her Chikorita... and she doesn’t tell anyone what happened to her parents

10b. How well are these secrets kept?
the second one no one knows about it, as for the first one, only three people know, and that’s counting the Professor and herself

Section 4: Mental Abilities

1a. What can/cannot they do mentally? (e.i. IQ, certain school subjects, mental/emotional health)
she can’t handle death or loss that well

1b. What are they strongest at?
making people feel better about themselves

1c. What are they weakest at?
dealing with loss

2a. What do they like to do?
write poetry, goof off, sleep, climb trees, beating guys at their own games

3a. What do they hate to do?
go shopping, swimming in the ocean or a pool with water types, and dressing up

4a. Were they educated?

4b. If so, did they enjoy it?

Section 5: History

1a. Did they have a good childhood? A bad one?
eeeeehhhhh, half and half

1b. What do they remember the most about it?
the loss of her parents

2a. What were/are their teen years like?
pretty good

3a. What have they had to struggle to accomplish?
getting a Pokémon

4a. What do they regret the most, if anything?
that day when she was seven (stares into the distance)

5a. How did they end up on their current path? Was it their choice?
yes it was her choice, and she took Chikorita from her Uncle Elm and left with it

6a. Did anything serious happen that changed them forever?
her parents...

Section 6: Family

1a. Who are their parents?
Woody Elm and White Elm (creative names are creative, :dummy:)

1b. What are their parents' races?
Johto-ian (Johto, her dad) and Native Unovian (Unova, her mother)

1c. Are they still alive?

2a. Do/did they have any siblings? How many?
Krys didn’t have any siblings, but her father was the older brother of Professor Elm

2b. Are they still alive?

3a. Where did the family originate?
Johto and Unova

3b. How has it changed from the last generation to the current?
uh, no

Section 7: Relationships

1a. What do other people think of them?
they think she’s a nice girl with a lot of potential... if she wasn’t so stubborn

2a. What is their sexual orientation?

3a. Are they involved with anyone romantically? Who?
she has a crush on the guy she travels with, but she doubts he likes her back

3b. What do they like/love about this person? What do they dislike/hate?
she likes his caring and loving nature, but she hates how stupid he can be some times

4a. Do they have a best friend? Who?
her Pokémon, an old friend named Morty (gym leader), and James (guy she’s traveling with)

4b. Why are they best friends?
her Pokémon love her and she loves them back, they would all die for each other they’re so close
Morty is a childhood friend, she beat up some bullies who were bullying him when they were in Kindergarden.  Morty was there to comfort her when her parents...
James saved her life.  She was drowning and he got her out.  After that, James started following her.  Krys noticed this and demanded to know why, he merely told her he wanted to make sure she was safe.  She shrugged it off and told him to knock it off, since he was “hiding” behind stuff to make sure she was safe.  He then just followed her by walking next to her, ending up with him traveling with her.

4b. Any other friends?
She used to be friends with a neighbor boy named Ethan, and a neighbor girl named Lyra.  But Krys and Ethan started going out, and Krys walked in on him and Lyra making out.  Which lead to her hating both of them, and the two are still trying to gain her trust again.

5a. Do they hate anyone? Does anyone hate them? Who?
She hates Ethan and Lyra, she also hates Team Rocket, and Whitney.  Whitney and most of Team Rocket have mutual feelings.

Lol, Celebi is photobombing! :XD:
Ignore the little lime green thing over her age.  I put a different age than I wanted to and it wouldn't let me edit anything, so I had to make it disappear.
This is my character for Pokémon Crystal.  Yes, James from Team Rocket is the James I'm talking about in this.  He's 21 in my Crystal Nuzlocke.
Random Person: he's 21 and she's 17?  THAT'S PEDOPHILIA!
Me: (wrong buzzer) WRONG.  My parents are seven years apart in age, so I don't think a 17 year old and a 21 year old should be considered pedophilia.  My cousin, who's 18, is dating a 22 year old.  There's nothing wrong with it.

Pokémon belongs to Satoshi Tajiri-sensei
Pokémon Trainer Creator belongs to :iconjoy-ling:~joy-ling-san
This Krystal belongs to ME :iconamulet-voltaire:~Amulet-Voltaire
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Manyface-Blake Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome :D I like her :D so, out of curiousity, when is she 17? Cuz I want to know if she's older or younger than my character. (assuming you read the description for the first image of my pokemon character)
Amulet-Voltaire Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Actually I haven't read the description of your character ^^; send me a link? (sorry for the late reply, haven't been on much, and now I have to go to my brothers game)
Manyface-Blake Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amulet-Voltaire Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I think she would be younger than him if he's your age and seventeen.... Depends what month he's born I guess.
Manyface-Blake Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
my current age is 19 btw
Manyface-Blake Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
alright. cuz the Morty thing confused me, I always assumed he was in his 20s
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