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I do NOT own Naruto (this is before Shippuden, you are thirteen in this with an older sister that is sixteen, an older brother that is seventeen and a half, and another older brother that is nineteen)
I do own this story though
[f/n] = first name
[l/n] = last name
[h/c] = hair color
[e/c] = eye color
[f/c] = favorite color
[f/f] = favorite flower

      Why did it have to be you!? Everyone in the Sand Village knew of Gaara's demon, so why did it have to be you!? Here's the info; you're best friends with Gaara's older brother, Kankuro, and her older sister, Temari, is your rival/friend. Earlier this month, Kankuro had told you that Gaara was saying something about getting you. So, you took that as a translation as saying "[f/n] is my prey and I will hunt her down like the frightened doe she is." The only reason why you thought Gaara as a demon is because of what your father had told you about him. You were terrified, everywhere you went you felt like something, or someone, was watching you. You didn't know what to do! You couldn't even practice correctly without being scared of him watching you. Why did Kankuro tell you this!? You kept telling yourself that maybe he was just joking, that he just wanted to freak you out, but that thought flew right out the window when you saw how Gaara was staring at you. He had hungry eyes. You had frozen and ran to your house after you realized that he caught your stare. Right now you were with Lady Chiyo and Ebizo. You enjoyed spending time with the two "geezers" of the village. You loved Lady Chiyo's sense of humor (you found it hilarious when she acts like she's dead to freak out her brother), and you loved Ebizo's stories. Ebizo was telling a story about how one of his old friends fell in love with his worst enemy. You never saw how someone could love an enemy.
      "I hope Gaara finds a love as strong as those two did…" Chiyo suddenly sighed.
      "How would love that monster?!" you spat. Ebizo looked at you with a strange expression, he knew that it was your father who told you Gaara was the monster, the demon, a killer, a freak, and so forth.
      "The heart wants what the heart wants, [f/n]." Chiyo smirked.
      "Gaara's life has been filled with loneliness. Mother dead, father hates him, his siblings are terrified of him…" you stopped listening to both of them. Gaara knows what it feels to be alone? Does he hate it too? You see, your mother left you and your alcoholic father when you were four. You father maybe an alcoholic, but he's not the kind that beat their kids. He's the kind that are TO protective of them. He sees a boy do as much as stare at your pants and he'll beat the crap out of them. Your brothers and sister don't pay attention to you either. Your sister always putting you down, saying that you were so ugly and that no guy, girl, or even animal would ever care about you. Your eldest brother doesn't even realize you exists, every time you cross paths you have to remind him who you are, although you knew he really didn't care about who you were, he just wanted to know why you were in HIS house, as he put it. As for your other brother… well, he uses you as a target. Every time you walk by him he'd throw some kind of weapon at you. One time he stooped so low he use the Fireball Jutsu on you, your father hit him over the head and grounded him. Your only close friend in this village was Kankuro, and you can imagine what's that like. All your other friends (Shino, Kiba, Neji, and Tenten) were in the Leaf Village (your father had taken you on a mission when you were really young to the leaf village, that's how you met them). You hated to be alone, but you always seemed to be alone. Finally getting sick of this, you bowed respectfully to the elders, saying you had some prior engagements you had to attend to, although that was a lie. You got up and left, hands in your pockets, face staring at the ground. You thought about what the elders said. Maybe Gaara wasn't as bad as your father said he was? Maybe he just wanted to have a friend, to have someone to love that would love him back. You were so deep in thought, you didn't realize you had walked to the Training Grounds… that was, until you felt something stop you. Becoming frightened, and angered at your lack of noticing the feel of someone watching you, you started to panic. It was sand. Sand was wrapped around your feet, knees, and legs. Up to your thighs. You knew who the sand belonged to, and you were terrified. The more you struggled, the more fear struck into you. Also, more curiosity, maybe Gaara just wanted to talk? No, that couldn't be it. He was a monster… right? Everything your father had told you was starting to fade, being replaced by what Ebizo and Chiyo said. Your father was, after all, an alcoholic, Chiyo and Ebizo were wise elders. But still, your father was the only one who would care for you, even if he was a drop beat drunk.
      "Please don't squirm…" a hurt voice whispered. You looked around, panicking more, you knew that voice to well, "Don't be scared… please."
      A sad looking Gaara appeared out of no where. You stopped, breath stopping, body stopping, you felt if you didn't listen to him that he would kill you. He looked up at you, eyes filled with hurt, loneliness, and emptiness.
      Like mine, you thought, Everytime I look in a mirror… a see those emotions…
      You were eleven years old at the time. You were in your room, brushing your [h/c] hair. You were humming happily, you had graduated early because of how strong you were. Your older sister hated you because she was jealous, she graduated at age fourteen. Your eldest brother didn't care, as usual. And your second oldest brother just ignored you. Your father, on the other hand, was proud of you, boasting about you to his friends. Although his friends didn't care. In their eyes, you were just another stupid, hollow headed kid. You had your eyes closed the entire time you were brushing your hair. But when you opened your eyes, you froze. The person that was staring back at you, she looked… sad. Her face was emotionless, but her eyes were filled with guilt. You blamed yourself for your mother leaving, your sister told you that you were a mistake, and that mother was happy until she came along. It wasn't true, but you believed it. It made sense to you. Your mother left because of  your fathers alcohol. She told him it was either her or the alcohol, you can tell who won. The girls face was emotionless, eyes filled with guilt, and lips quivering with sadness and fear. You freaked out at this. Punching the mirror and shattering it, ignoring the pain in your hand. You didn't want to see your reflection, it hurt… it hurt to much…
~Flashback Ended~
      "You… aren't like the others." the voice said, snapping you out of the flashback, just as your father was rushing in to see if you were okay. You stared at him blankly, not knowing what to say.
      "You don't care about what others think… you're your own person, you just want to be you and you never want to change for another person. Why is that?" something in Gaara's eyes made your heart ache. You haven't felt that kind of heartache since… since your mother left.
      "Because I'm my own person! I'm not an android or a clone! I'm [f/n] [l/n]! I'm proud of who I am! If someone loves me for something I'm NOT, then it's not love! If they want me to change something about myself, then they don't deserve my love!" you spat. You didn't mean to have so much venom in your voice, you couldn't help it. You've always been an angry or sad person, unless the elders are with you. Then you're happy as a puppy with a chicken bone or tennis ball (or baseball). Gaara's eyes began to shimmer, making your heart ache again.
      "… Then no one will love me…" that caught you off guard, especially when tears freely rolled down his face and the sand disappeared back into the gorge, "everyone wants me to change, even Temari…. Everyone hates me. I didn't do anything… I didn't ask for a demon to be sealed into me…"
      You remained silently. Your father was wrong. You had NEVER told your father that he was wrong, hell, you never even THOUGHT that he was wrong! But he is, at least, in this situation. Your father thought of Gaara as a heartless killer. But he's not. He was like you, a lonely soul, wanting nothing more but to be loved for who they are. You wanted to be loved for who you truly were, as in your personality, Gaara wanted to be loved for who he was, as in not what was sealed away inside of him.
      "Everyone deserves love, Gaara. Even people like us." you found yourself saying, he looked at you, tears still rolling down his face. You thought it was mascara on his eyes, apparently not… heh, that's embarrassing…
      "What do you mean…" he whispered hoarsely.
      "People like us. My mother left us because of me, that's why my siblings hate me, at least, that's what sister claims. Your mother died because of that demon inside of you, right? My siblings blame me for mom leaving, your family blames you for your mothers death. I realize now that neither of us are guilty of this. It's just something that happens." you shrugged. Gaara looked away.
      "St… stop." he mumbled.
      "STOP! Stop what you're doing to me!" he snapped, looking at you. Before you could blink or breath, you were trapped against a boulder (I don't know, let's just say the training grounds in the Sand Village has a ton of boulders around it, okay?). You were trapped by sand, and Gaara was inches from your face. You could feel his breath.
      "I'm not doing anything to you, baka!" you spat.
      "YES YOU ARE! You're making something hurt in my chest!" he yelled back, sand tightening around you.
      "W-what?" you coughed.
      "E-every time I'm near you… around you, SEE you, or even hear you, something in my chest pounds against my body, it's annoying so stop it! You cursed me, didn't you!? Why are you saying nice things to me when you cursed me!" he was really upset, the sand kept getting tighter and tighter, "I wanted to have you so you would make it stop! Getting you was my only option! You say you're like me, and yet you torture me like this! Make up your mind! Do you hate me or do you like me!?"
      "NEITHER! I love you, you baka!" you screamed, the world seemed to stop after that sentence. The sand stopped tightening, Gaara stopped yelling, and you stopped struggling. Everything made sense now… you loved Gaara. That's why Ebizo and Chiyo always told you stories about past loves! That's why Chiyo always told you "The heart wants what the heart wants." They knew you loved him before you even knew. You felt bad for him because you cared for his well being, you were scared to go near him because you were afraid of getting hurt in both physical and emotionally! You looked away, blushing and tears swelling at your eyes.
      "Th-that beating in your chest… it's always there, even if you can't feel it… it's your heart--"
      "I have no heart--"
      "YES YOU DO!!! Even if people say other wise! The cruelest of killers have hearts! Look at the Akatsuki! Look at Kakuzu for gods sake! How many hearts does he have, seven!? You aren't a killer, Gaara, people call you a killer because of the demon sealed in you! You believed them so you became a killer. You aren't the demon, Gaara. You're you. And I love you, I… I think you love me." the sands disappeared. And Gaara was far away from you.
      "I… I hurt the ones I love."
      "I can protect myself." you edged forward.
      "I could kill you." he insisted.
      "I trust you enough to not care." you kept getting closer and closer.
      "You're being stubborn!" you were right up to his face.
      "And you are being an idiot." you found yourself closing the gap between you two, kissing him. After a few minutes of shock, Gaara kissed back. Instead of attacking you, the sand swarmed around you two, making a barrier. Words formed into the sand;
The moral of this story is; No matter who you are, be yourself. There's bound to be someone out there that will love you for who you, not for anything else.
~Time Skip, Chunin Exams~
      Gaara was pissed off. They were already in the forest part of the exams, and he wanted to kill someone. These exams forced him to leave you in the Sand Village. He didn't care if he passed, as long as this freakin exam hurried up so he could get back to you! Kankuro and Temari could sense the anger surround him, so they kept their distance. Gaara just wanted to go back home, where you were. You had kept your promised. You had loved Gaara no matter what happened. He broke your arm before on accident, he sulked in his room for a week, claiming he didn't deserve your love because he was a monster. You snapped him out of his when you managed to get in the room and hugged him, kissing the mark on the forehead and saying that you wouldn't leave him just because of a broken bone. You've suffered much worse before. Well, when you were in that room with him… alone… on a bed… with the door locked… Kankuro kind of got a dirty mind and was telling Temari that Gaara was probably raping you and should help you out of the room. Temari just rolled her eyes and knocked Kankuro out, she knew better than that. Gaara wasn't doing anything, he actually just hugged you as you fell asleep in his arms. Strange enough, that was the first night he ever fell asleep without turning into a demon. He dreamt about you that night.

Requested story by :icondarkangelicnightmare:~DarkAngelicNightmare

Story belongs to :iconamulet-voltaire:~Amulet-Voltaire
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto-san :iconmasashikishimotoplz:
You belong to Gaara :icongaara--plz::iconfightinggaaraplz::iconlikeakageplz::icongaarablushplz:
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